vidaXL Bücherregal Betongrau 60x27, 5x59, 5 cm Holzwerkstoff

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Leider zu klein     4.69 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Best burgers in Stockholm and a small but nice selection of craft beer. Always crowded and you probably will have to wait at least 30 minutes for some place to sit.
von einer Kundin Marcus K. 21.02.2024 02:18
Größe: 76
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.43 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Spicy ramen (non-dairy) ($13) - 2 stars The noodles were too soft and the mock meat cha shu tasted like some mix between spam and vital wheat gluten mock meat. On the plus side there are mushrooms, corn, a leafy green vegetable and the broth is made from soybean paste without MSG. Not very spicy. It was pretty crowded on a Friday afternoon but I didn't have to wait to get seated. The unagi sushi looked really good and I also want to try their curry udon and curry katsu!
von einer Kundin Nicola L. 18.09.2023 04:50
Größe: 79
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.65 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Great dining experience all around! Beautiful restaurant, genuinely friendly service, and food was unique and delicious! Looking forward to going back to try other dishes on the menu...
von einer Kundin Sam K. 27.08.2023 11:10
Größe: 70
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.61 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
A-MAZING. ive never been to japan but I assume this is as authentic as it gets. the place is super loud and super busy but its fun! its tapas style so u get to try a bit of everything. 2 dishes i have had here are absolutely FANTASTIC. -gindara (grilled black cod) is melt in your mouth HEAVEN. if you have never had black cod before you have to come here and try it. the MOST mouthwatering piece of fish ever! -kinoko bibimbap (rice with mushrooms and cheese). I know this might sound kind of gross but it is farrrrr from that. comes out steaming hot in a stone bowl and you mix it all together for a mouthful of paradise. Im such a BIG fan of this. I will refuse to share and have to get my own bowl. probably the best japanese food you can get in toronto!
von einer Kundin Min C. 10.07.2022 01:34
Größe: 59
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.5 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
This place is the best definition of homey, great tasting food! Not only is the ambiance quaint (there are a total of maybe 25 tables), the service is impeccable. The waiters are very nice and also helpful. But most importantly the food was AMAZING! The French onion soup was made to perfection. Not too salty and just light enough. The truffle ravioli was the best item there that night. It was creamy, light, and very delicious. The hints of truffle were the perfect match. The beef stew was also very good. The beef was cooked perfectly and the stew was tasty for sure! My other favorite is the duck tajine. It was a perfect mix of salty and sweet from the dates. It was heavier than the other dishes but definitely delicious and the duck was cooked PERFECTLY! You have to eat at this place at least once while your there and you have to make reservations or you will wait at least 1-1.5 hours. The place is booked all the time and we had to wait over 1.5 hours but it was worth the wait!
von einer Kundin Betsy V. 03.01.2022 21:12
Größe: 93
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.63 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Terrible food, don't be fooled by the other reviews! I went there due to the stellar reviews. I ordered a salad, the margherita pizza, and the four cheese pizza. The salad was mostly spinach with almost no toppings and dressing. The margherita pizza barely had cheese and maybe 3 leaves of basil on the whole pizza. The four cheese pizza had very little cheese and tasted bland. I am by no means a chef, but I can make better pizzas and salads at home with more wholesome and higher quality ingredients.
von einer Kundin Carol L. 03.11.2021 06:20
Größe: 81
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.52 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
This was a great little family run Trattoria. Where we had spinach cheese soup, linguine with mixed seafood some crusty bread and olive oil. And a couple desserts. Food was exceptionally good very reasonably priced.
von einer Kundin Sterling L. 22.08.2021 10:19
Größe: 36
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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