5 Pair Wiederverwendbare Überschuhe Schützender Schuhüberzug Schuhschutz Arbeit

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Herstellernummer QVU191512AE19I0RR
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Herstellungsland und -region China
Farbe grau
Größe 12,5x10cm
Produktart Überzüge für Arbeitssicherheitsschuhe
Material Plastik
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Leider zu klein     4.64 Sterne

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Having been to L'Air du Temps a couple of years ago, I've been looking forward to visiting this new venture taken by Chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre. This small restaurant certainly did not disappoint. The quality of the ingredients and the thoughts given to each dish served is everything Chef Degeimbre's reputation commands - nothing but excellence. The beautifully presented dishes made my tummy rumble as each dish approach the table, and made my taste buds dance with each bite. The changing menu means I am due another visit back! San's setting is a lot more relaxed, casual, and young! The simple menu and interior design allows people to focus on the food and the company they are with :)
von einer Kundin Jenny L. 01.10.2023 12:30
Größe: 93
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.26 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Went there with my friend (we are both tourists) and sat at a table enjoying our night. We had 1 drink here and an hour later a man sat at a stool beside us and began talking to us and asking questions, making us uncomfortable. A lady who is part of the staff immediately made eye contact with my friend and asked if we are okay with her thumb. My friend nodded no and she came to our rescue by asking the man to stop interjecting our conversation and night. We headed out a couple minutes after that and while we were leaving, another staff member came and apologized to us for the situation. We stood out for our Uber and the creepy man came out the door to talk to us again. As soon as he said a couple things, a 3rd staff member opened the door and waited with us till we got safely in our Uber. We were so touched by how nice and caring they were and recommend this place to everyone!!!
von einer Kundin Ketaki J. 24.09.2023 11:38
Größe: 42
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Very authentic Italian, owner is very personable and very accommodating. Love the specialities. Definitely a favorite post theater dinner choice.
von einer Kundin Kenny H. 01.07.2023 02:09
Größe: 85
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.46 Sterne

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5 Pair Wiederverwendbare Überschuhe Schützender Schuhüberzug Schuhschutz Arbeit,Fantastic pizza!! But let me start with the massive 250g absolute monster of a burrata. It was absolutely delicious and it's definitely big enough to share between 3 people. It was SO cheap - I was so amazed; it was probably like 60% of the price you'd find in the US. So. Good. It tasted so fresh and creamy. The truffle pizza is the pizza you should try - it comes with gigantic truffle slices and tastes so rich and good. The crust is doughy perfection and the sauce exudes umami. I haven't had anything like it. Between the complimentary bread, gigantic burrata, and truffle pizza, you could probably feed two people.
von einer Kundin Eugene W. 17.10.2022 19:18
Größe: 31
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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