Highboard I 113 x 133, 5 x 44, 5 cm Kiefer

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I've been to so many ramen places and this one was not bad and it wasn't anything special. It was just a bowl of ramen. Ive had better and I've had worse. I got the shoryu gonzo ramen and I ordered the chili sauce to add to it.
von einer Kundin Jaclyn L. 03.03.2023 18:23
Größe: 79
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.59 Sterne

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We visited Den Glade Gris for dinner on our first night in Norway. Our server was super nice and friendly, and gave us all his recommendations. We got the Pork Knuckle, Smoked Whale, and Chicken Caesar Salad. The Pork Knuckle was by far my favorite dish - the outside skin was so crunchy and crispy, I don't think I've ever heard a skin crunch so hard. The meat was so soft that it fell off my fork numerous times, and literally melted in my mouth. The Smoked Whale had a very smoky flavor, and just tasted like a smoked fish. The Chicken Caesar Salad was very good, with a generous amount of shredded parmesan, heaping pieces of chicken breast, big pieces of bacon, and croutons.
von einer Kundin Corina Q. 03.09.2022 20:55
Größe: 40
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Highboard I 113 x 133, 5 x 44, 5 cm Kiefer,Come here when ever I'm in the area. Bread is delicious. Love the stew and the steak. Waitstaff is always plesant. I have never had a bad meal here.
von einer Kundin Cybelle M. 05.08.2022 09:38
Größe: 98
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.17 Sterne

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The nice thing about this place: it's a decent restaurant that you can come to without a reservation near the tourist areas. Downside: expect 30 minute or longer waits depending on your party size. We got the gnocchi with meat sauce and ox tail stew. Food is a little more expensive here than other restaurants. However, you also get more food. We didn't have room for dessert after finishing everything. Small comments about the food: flavor is very good. Both dishes have small amounts of meat although I think that's typical of many of the dishes we've had in Italy. The tomato sauce on the ox tail stew was really good so we dipped our bread into it. Didn't waste a single drop. The gnocchi is also good but my taste buds got a little bored of the flavor near the end. Servers are very nice and professional. I'm a bit of a bigger guy so the tables and spacing is also a little cramped.
von einer Kundin Jason C. 06.04.2022 08:51
Größe: 60
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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