Rieker Ballerinas Damen Sommerschuhe Damenschuhe Gr. EU 40 Kunstlede... #gj3iey1

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Marke Rieker
Größe 40
Farbe cremeweiß
Material Kunstleder
Produktart Keine Angabe
Abteilung Damen
Stil Ballerinas
Vintage Nein
EU-Schuhgröße 40
Absatzhöhe Flach
Absatzart Keine Angabe
Obermaterial Kunstleder
EAN Nicht zutreffend


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Leider zu klein     4.22 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
A good place for a cheap, quick bite if you're in the Grand-Place / Brussels Central station area. €4 for a pita sandwich brining with gyro meat or falafel topped with salad was delicious. I ordered takeaway and was able to walk out with 2 sandwiches in under 5 minutes. Platters are between €8-10 euros and looked huge as they were plating it.
von einer Kundin Jing K. 31.01.2024 17:33
Größe: 65
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.03 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Heard this place have really good apple pie so we took a trip to try it. It definitely live up to all the hype. The pie was amazing. I would bit mind eating it all day. They also have good iced tea.
von einer Kundin Daisy C. 02.06.2023 20:24
Größe: 44
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.01 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
We wandered into Gauchos and ended up discovering a great steakhouse with great service. I had the 300g Fillet and my wife had the 300g Sirloin. The meat was top notch-no frills just great steak. Both of my kids ordered off the kids menu and loved their Burgers. Maybe a bit over priced for the food but not bad for London which is pricey in general. Definitely recommended if your in the mood for some MEAT
von einer Kundin Blair B. 30.05.2023 07:37
Größe: 89
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.18 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Easily the best meal we had in Rome this visit. Simple = perfect. Beautifully appointed tables, elegant, attentive staff, prompt, delicious food. If I lived nearby, I'd be a regular. Highly recommend.
von einer Kundin Allison G. 17.06.2022 23:55
Größe: 43
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.59 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Rieker Ballerinas Damen Sommerschuhe Damenschuhe Gr. EU 40 Kunstlede... #gj3iey1,Oishi!!! Best Chicken Katsu ever, so soft and moist. Google maps was a little off, but we found our way from the pictures of the entrance.
von einer Kundin CJn M. 03.06.2022 18:55
Größe: 63
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.75 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
My boyfriend and I stopped at this place while we were walking around the Trastevere neighborhood looking for a place to eat. This place caught our eye because there was a bit of a lineup and there was an awesome, friendly, funny host standing out front with a water gun and serving prosecco to those waiting for a table. We figured it must be good if there was a lineup! Our predictions were absolutely correct! We were so impressed by the food at this restaurant! We sat on the patio. The tables were quite close to each other, but that didn't bother us. The atmosphere was nice. The servers were also very friendly. I ordered the Bufalina pizza and my boyfriend ordered the Napoli pizza. The Bufalina pizza was the best pizza I have ever had! The flavours were incredible! My boyfriend really enjoyed his Napoli pizza as well - I'm not big on sardines, but I have to admit, it was good! Highly recommend this spot :)
von einer Kundin Jennifer J. 26.05.2022 05:49
Größe: 49
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.62 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Atmosphere, food, coffee........Mimi's nails it. Wonderful venue with reasonable blend of locals and turisti.
von einer Kundin J S. 06.04.2022 02:49
Größe: 35
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.12 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
I'm torn about the rating I've given this restaurant. The service was great and the restaurant had a coolness to it with the use of Brittanic kitsch decor. We were attracted to the restaurant after seeing sardines on the online menu. We figured that anyone who serves sardines is ballsy and deserves to be explored. Alas, no sardines were on the menu when we came. Hence the rating conundrum. If you like British cuisine (someone called it "pub food"), then this is the place for you...and you'd probably give the place five stars. Although the specials sounded fantastic (a veal chop is one I remember), we opted for menu items that we wouldn't find at a typical everyday chop house- pork cheek with white beans and the sweet bread (can't remember the other things that we ordered). Not sure what happened to the white beans but we don't remember them on our plate. So, if British food is your thing, check this place out.
von einer Kundin Alvin S. 02.10.2021 10:35
Größe: 30
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.49 Sterne

Verifizierter Kauf
Food is great from past experiences but the service is horrible. The popularity of your restaurant doesn't mean you can get away from providing basic services. I called 7 times to make a takeout order at 6pm and nobody answered the phone. Coming from New York, popular restaurants all still pickup their phones no matter how busy they are.
von einer Kundin Keval S. 17.05.2021 07:37
Größe: 52
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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