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Leider zu klein     4.66 Sterne

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This place popped up quite a bit while we were Yelping our way through Brussels, so on our last day, we decided to check it out for brunch! Waffles are obviously a thing in Belgium and I was getting a little tired of the sweet variations, so going here was a breath of fresh air! The place is a little on the smaller side and there's really no space to wait inside, so you stand in a line (pretty short when we were there) right outside the door until a table clears up. As soon as one was open for us, we were quickly seated and given menus. I did go through the menu quite a bit, but the Peck Special caught my eye and that's what I ended up getting. My friend got the same thing. I also ordered a golden latte. I always loved turmeric milk as a kid and even though golden lattes are so popular now, I had never tried one - this one was pretty darn good! The peck special was also so delicious and so filling. One of my other favorite things about this place is that they have fruit juice cocktails. I didn't end up getting one, but my friend did and it looked delicious. The service was pretty good throughout the meal and I'd definitely recommend visiting here on vacation.
von einer Kundin Chandani C. 18.11.2022 17:53
Größe: 40
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.37 Sterne

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If you love avocado you better not miss this place or you will be removed from the sacred avocado club. The pancakes and avocado toast we're delicious. The amount of avocado used was worth it alone. The pancakes had layers of avocado between each of them and it seemed like the batter was infused with avocado as well. The toast had at least a half sliced on top with a basil pesto later beneath it. The service is quick and the atmosphere definitely reminds me of something in Los Angeles. The price is a little steep; 22 Euro total.
von einer Kundin William M. 02.09.2022 00:36
Größe: 89
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.2 Sterne

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Just arrived in Dublin and wandering around lost, we went into the Exchequer because it was the only place we found in the area with fish and chips. Service was good and the fish and chips were OK; perhaps the fish could have used a little more time I. The fryer as the coating was almost white in color; but, they were cooked and the meal tasted good. Exchequer seems to have many awards; so, perhaps this is the way to fix fish and chips!
von einer Kundin Jim E. 04.03.2022 08:07
Größe: 46
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.76 Sterne

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We found out about this place from a blog called 2foodtrippers. I've had some amazing meals, including plenty of James Beard winners and all the Michelin stars...this restaurant and chef HOLD THEIR OWN. If you are a foodie at all, this has to be on your dinner list for your Dublin travels.
von einer Kundin Katie P. 02.06.2021 05:48
Größe: 98
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.01 Sterne

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Heliophilia Silver Trula- PMT1424 Schwarz Stiefel Schuhgrosse 36 100% PU Leder,Initially just dropped in for a quick brew with a few friends. I took a Malmgård Emmer IPA from the tap -- I enjoyed it. But the upstairs bar was pretty packed, so we decided to grab some food downstairs and there was plenty of space in the restaurant area. I ordered a pork burger and fries from the bar menu, while a friend took a meat dish (elk?) from the dinner menu. The food was decent. Understandably ("Bryggeri" = "Brewery" in Swedish I'm told), the place has a good beer selection. On tap house brews include IPA, Pils, Weizen, Porter, and Winter Ale. I want to go back and try more, because I only had a half liter of their house IPA which wasn't my taste -- too fruity. The prices are reasonable, and you get all sorts of sizes from the tap to get more tastings in. I enjoyed the visit and I'll be back :)
von einer Kundin Billy B. 23.05.2021 16:11
Größe: 51
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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