NK-500 Kraftmesser Messgerät 500N 50kg Analog Push Zug mechanisches Leistungsprüfstandzifferblatt

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Type Meters
MPN NK-500


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NK-500 Kraftmesser Messgerät 500N 50kg Analog Push Zug mechanisches Leistungsprüfstandzifferblatt,Excellent place, stumbled upon it by chance. The chef doesn't like to come out and leet people, he just likes to cook. And cook he does! What an amazing set of dishes so far!! An absolute must!!!
von einer Kundin Christian G. 31.08.2023 04:00
Größe: 37
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.43 Sterne

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Pig knuckle is the bomb Friendly and very local place one of our faves during our visit
von einer Kundin Chuck K. 06.10.2022 17:34
Größe: 48
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.62 Sterne

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NK-500 Kraftmesser Messgerät 500N 50kg Analog Push Zug mechanisches Leistungsprüfstandzifferblatt,Amazing tapas place hidden in the 8th!!! Make sure you get the chorizo in vino tinto! In fact, get 2 of them! Everything we tasted was incredible: the chicken in garlic and white wine sauce, the skewered pork, the fried queso, the empanadas (carne & spinach/cheese), and the zucchini! Make sure to get lots of bread to soak up every drop of the amazing sauces that come with each dish. The tequila shots were closer to 4cl than 2 and only €3! Needless to say, the tequila was flowing. The service was friendly and don't be afaid to let the waiter recommend some dishes for you (though they are all tasty! The small, cozy restaurant fills up quickly, so make a reservation so you're not left out in the cold with a stomach not full of chorizo.
von einer Kundin Andy F. 21.08.2022 03:24
Größe: 88
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.48 Sterne

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The oldest pub in Dublin. A must see if you are a tourist to get the feel of what an old Irish traditional pub is like. As a local dubliner I wouldn't choose to go to tourist-y places.
von einer Kundin Bria M. 04.05.2022 04:30
Größe: 96
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.32 Sterne

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We ordered takeaway from Epolito's - a whopping 18" Corleone "house pie". Oh, wow! This is New York style pizza at it's very best right here in Auckland. The menu is simple with usual staples plus a handful of New York-area inspired names for the more gastronomic options. You won't find barbecue sauce and pineapple topping these pizzas. Instead, Epolito's ingredients include the basics like pepperoni, garlic, black olives, sausage (home made) and oregano. Fun fact: One 18-inch pizza has roughly the same area as 1.7 14-inch pizzas. It's almost universally a better deal - mathematically, mind you - to just get the bigger pizza. In the unlikely instance that you end up with left over pizza... Who doesn't love cold breakfast pizza?!
von einer Kundin Simon D. 06.03.2022 21:33
Größe: 62
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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SW Omlette packed with flavor - salsa gives it a nice touch. Avocados and sour cream on top. Great with a bagel on the side. Green light smoothie is light and refreshing / tropical smoothie is very sweet. Service was super fast and relaxing outdoor seating!!! Next time I'll get the banana java nut
von einer Kundin Matan C. 20.02.2022 16:50
Größe: 36
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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Leider zu klein     4.66 Sterne

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Sergio, sergio, sergio! Here is the first person to welcome you to the restaurant. This restaurant left a lasting impression on me and I don't think I will ever forget. To start with, Sergio welcomed us and seated us in a nice table outside. He intentionally sat my guy friend on the side of the table where he can't watch other people, and he even told us that he did that intentionally so that my guy friend would only focus on me and not be distracted :) Then, we were looking at the menu and everything seemed awesome, so Sergio came back again and asked a few questions on what we want. After that, he advised us to trust him with options. We also told him we would like to get a bottle of wine, but again, we couldn't decide, and he said he will take care of it (at this point, we were a little scared because he could have charged us a lot as we didn't know what he was going to bring and how much they would cost. To be totally honest, we thought he would at least bring the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu). Nevertheless, we had a 4 course meal, and they were all really delicious although we went late at night to the restaurant and it was close to being closed for the day. I don't even like red wine but the one he brought was spectacular (and less than 100 euros). We had some pastas, then their specialty veal main course, and finished with tiramisu. I also forgot to say that as soon as we enter, he gave us Prosecco, and gave Limoncello after dessert. When the bill came, we were incredibly surprised about how affordable it was (much cheaper compared to what we expected) given the quality of service and food. This place is a must if you are ever in Rome, and if you see Sergio, please say hi from me as he was one of the best restaurant staff I've met!
von einer Kundin Secil A. 04.09.2021 06:32
Größe: 100
Verkäufer: Popken Fashion Group
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